My Ride: Ford F-150

For this post, I wanted to talk about my own car which is the 2016 Ford F-150! This car has been my baby ever since I’ve bought it and I’ve been putting a lot of work into customizing it. The F-150 comes in two engine options V6 & V8, but mine is a V8! I’ve also switched out the exhaust and have added in a Roush exhaust to add in that pop. I’ve also tinted all the windows! In terms of sound, I’ve added in a subwoofer for my truck so that the bass is booming. I’ve also switched out the fog lights as well as the side lights to a brighter version than what the model came with. I’ve put up some lightening strips in the interior that light up the sides as well as the ground of the car while driving.  My favourite customization addition so far has been my wheels and rims. I’ve added in a 20’ wheel and spent time searching for the perfect rim, which I definitely found! 

My truck is almost where it needs to be in turns of customization, for my next step I want to change my long tube headers to give my exhaust an extra oomph. I also am considering giving the seats a different material, I’ve been eyeing a black leather cover with red diamond stitching. Happy Driving! 







6 thoughts on “My Ride: Ford F-150

  1. Nice ride dude, looks dope! Gonna add any more light bars? or maybe wrap it/ autoflex it? I love the Ford Raptors! but I am a Dodge ram fan since that what my dad used to have, He had the dual wheelie Dodge Ram 3500 V8 diesel.

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    1. Thanks man! I think I’m done with lights for now, the insides are pretty much covered in light bars. I’ve been thinking of wrapping it in black! I wanted to do matte but those seem super hard to clean. I love the Raptors, definitely would upgrade to them if I ever got the chance. The Ram is great too, a couple of my friends have them, I love driving it.

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