I wanted to talk about the Airbnb of cars, a website known as Turo. This website isn’t as well known, so I wanted to talk about in case anybody out there uses car rental companies often and has always wanted a cheaper option!

The prices vary on the type of car you rent, for example a BMW would cost more per day compared to a Toyota. At the moment, you can rent cars from over 4,700 cities worldwide as well as hundreds of airports. Turo also offers a two million dollar insurance policy just in case any of these drivers crash your car.

I think it’ll be interesting to see if this company manages to make a huge dent in the car-rental industry in the same way that Airbnb did for the hotel industry and Uber for the taxi industry. Turo.jpeg


3 thoughts on “Turo

    1. Yeah, I haven’t used it myself, but I took a look at the cars you can rent and some of them are super nice. Have you tried it out?


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