Today, we mourn.

What are we mourning? The subcompact car.

If you’ve seen the news lately, its been reported that General Motors plans to stop producing the Chevrolet Sonic & Ford Motors plans to stop producing the Fiesta. Why this decision? According to reports, it seems that with increased fuel economy and the lowering of gasoline prices over the years, many Americans have been ditching the subcompact car for SUVs and larger crossover vehicles.


This switch has been the nail in the coffin for these subcompact cars. It seems in North America, we can’t get passed the idea of bigger is better! However, the room in these larger cars are beyond reproach, if you’ve ever been in a European car, you know how tight those are especially if you’re taller.

It’ll be interesting to see how the market shifts in the next few years and if we’ll be seeing the elimination of any more cars from the market. It seems like many things are disappearing these days from Sears to the subcompact car, any idea whats next?



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