It seems everywhere you look these days, you’ll see a news report about the Tesla whether its discussing their SpaceX innovations or their latest vehicle the company is everywhere, which is why I wanted to dedicate a post to the company.

Tesla found by Martin Eberhard & Marc Tarpenning in 2003. I was rather surprised since Elon Musk appears to be the main figure for the company, but it turns out he’s just a very prominent CEO. Tesla is named after Nikola Tesla who was an electrical engineer and physicist.  The company wanted to disrupt the automotive industry by creating innovations that fit and worked together, which is why the company seems to produce everything from batteries to artificial intelligence.

Tesla currently offers three car models for sale. Model S, Model X & Model 3. All the cars are electric. I personally find the models very pleasing to the eye, Tesla knows how to build a car making sure to pay attention to every detail and giving that feel of luxury. While these cars run upwards of $100,000, they appear to be an ideal mix between eco-friendly and luxury for a consumer worried about the environment. I’m definitely curious to see what more Tesla has up its sleeve for the future!


Fun Fact: Norway offers the biggest market for Tesla overseas due to the governments incentives for eco-friendly vehicles.


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