Wait, what? How many sold??

You would think that with the entry of new cars into the market all the time, eventually over time models will be “phased out” and discontinued. However, the next 5 cars are considered to be the most popular cars of all time and have sold millions around the world. Let’s take a closer look!

5. Volkswagen Passat with over 23 million sold worldwide. This car has also been in production since 1972! original.jpeg

4. Honda Civic with 24 million sold worldwide. This classic has been in production since 1973.


3. Volkswagen Golf (I wasn’t expecting this one!) with 33 million sold worldwide and its been in production since 1974.  Did you know when this car was first introduced in America it was called the Rabbit?


2. Ford F-Series with over 40 million cars sold since 1948 and going strong! Seems that everyone loves their trucks (myself included, but more on that to come)


Annnnnnnnnnd drum roll please, the top selling car is none other than the Toyota Corolla, can’t say I’m surprised, this car just seems to multiply on the roads year after year. The Corolla has been around since 1966 and its expected that there have been 44.4 million of these sold worldwide!


Are you surprised by any of the cars on the list? Were you expecting a different car?


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