Rust Season

Happily, spring has arrived, although in Toronto, the weather isn’t matching the season as of yet. However, the arrival of spring means that winter and rust season is finished. But for future seasons, I want to make sure everyone out there is prepared to protect their car to the best of their abilities. After all, the winter season means snow and ice, which means salt all over the roads.

Salt while helpful for driving conditions eats the clear coat on the car which can lead to corrosion!


This seems like a nightmare to handle and pay to fix, so its best to avoid it to start with!

To keep your car safe here are my top two tips!

  1. There’s nothing better than rust proofing your car with an oil spray, which will display any moisture preventing breakdown.  The oil spray is the best option since it will go into the crevices where rust often forms. Its important to make sure to do this annually since it will need an update.
  2. Sealants are another option which provides a form of protective barrier since they’re made of wax, polymers and or tar. However, these do not provide as strong of a protection as the oil spray since it isn’t able to penetrate as deep.



One thought on “Rust Season

  1. I bought a new car this year and paid to have an electronic chip put in to stop the car from rusting. Some people say there is no way it can stop the rust, but will have to wait and see i guess, atleast if it rusts i can take it to the dealership and have them deal with it!!


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