Laborghini Urus

For today’s car, we’re going to take a further look at the Lamborghini Urus otherwise known as the new ultimate SUV.

The car boasts a V8 engine with 641 hp under the hood. It can also achieve 0-100 in 3.6 seconds. Now this Lamborghini doesn’t come cheap, this bad boy will go for at least $200,000.


Now that we’ve gone over some basic specifications, I must ask the question, what was Lamborghini thinking? I personally find this car beyond ugly, it reminds me of a rat; the car just looks stubby and doesn’t scream luxury, which is exactly what I’d want if I were paying $200,000 for a car.

Also, I must ask who named this car? Urus? Sounds like something you’d find stuck to your shoe and not from the brand that produces the Aventador. While I understand that Lamborghini wants to expand its range, after all Porsche has the Cayenne in addition to its sports models, it seems that this model needs a little bit more work.





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