Mercedes G-Wagon

A post a long time in the making. One of the first cars I want to talk about for this blog is the Mercedes G-Wagon, which has been on my want list for a very long time. The car was originally developed to be a military vehicle due to the suggestion by the Shah of Iran, who during that time was a Mercedes shareholder. The car was then offered to civilians in 1979.

While the boxy shape of the car isn’t for everyone, you’re guaranteed to find a picture of this beauty on a celebrity’s Instagram, rightfully so, since to put it frankly, this car is majestic. The version that I would love to purchase is the AMG G65, which boasts 621 hp, a handcrafted V12 engine and a huge variety of customization options.


Fun Fact: These cars are still used by some militaries around the world.




6 thoughts on “Mercedes G-Wagon

    1. Definitely think they’re wasted in places like Beverly Hills. Oh man, I love those, too bad they run for around 1 million! Hoping for a lottery win.


  1. The G-Wag is hands down the best vehicle that Mercedes has! Like its basically a Jeep and a Luxury truck combined. I think they should make like a mid American version that the middle to working class American can afford.

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