Today, we mourn.

What are we mourning? The subcompact car. If you’ve seen the news lately, its been reported that General Motors plans to stop producing the Chevrolet Sonic & Ford Motors plans to stop producing the Fiesta. Why this decision? According to reports, it seems that with increased fuel economy and the lowering of gasoline prices over the years, many Americans have been ditching the subcompact car … Continue reading Today, we mourn.

Wait, what? How many sold??

You would think that with the entry of new cars into the market all the time, eventually over time models will be “phased out” and discontinued. However, the next 5 cars are considered to be the most popular cars of all time and have sold millions around the world. Let’s take a closer look! 5. Volkswagen Passat with over 23 million sold worldwide. This car … Continue reading Wait, what? How many sold??